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Filmmaking: what now? : Conversation of the 75th Festival de Cannes

Festival de Cannes: Among the artists invited to the 75th edition of the Festival de Cannes will be present directors with whom two meetings will take place on Tuesday, May 24, and Wednesday, May 25 in the afternoon, to try to answer that question: what does it mean to be a filmmaker in this day and age?

Swati Bhat

Coming together at the 75th Festival de Cannes © Joachim Tournebize / FDC

Not so long ago, that question was easy: being a filmmaker means making films, or dreaming of making 35 mm films for people to watch on the silver screen in movie theaters. But today, what does it mean to tell stories on film, and on which screens? What does it mean to make films and address an audience? How should films be produced and distributed? How should writers write and how should directors direct? How should filmmakers grapple with and have an impact on a fast-changing world? How can enchantment endure in movie theaters?

The conversations will enable the participants to address the issues in-depth and to explain their professional approaches both now and moving forward but also to share their harrowing doubts as well as their invigorating hopes.

The list of speakers will be available shortly. Both conversations will focus on the same theme, with different speakers.

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