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Duncan Laurence has released a new track called Rest In Peace & has announced a new album release.

Duncan Laurence, a Dutch singer-songwriter and Eurovision Song Contest winner has released his new tune Rest In Peace today. Rest In Peace is the follow-up to Laurence's first two songs, Electric Life and Skyboy, off his upcoming album Skyboy.

“Rest in Peace is a song about giving someone, who’s breaking your heart by walking in and out of your life, a simple ultimatum: Love me or let me rest in peace” Laurence explains, “I was a ghost, a prisoner in the home we built together. Came and went as you pleased. It slowly broke my heart. So I made a simple ultimatum: love me or set me free. Love me... or let me rest in peace”

Duncan Laurence wrote Rest In Peace with his husband, songwriter Jordan Garfield, as well as Stephen Wrabel, Eric Lévi, and Sam de Jong.

Duncan Laurence only recently published his song Anything to commemorate his wedding to Jordan earlier this month in Stockholm.

Along with the release of Rest In Peace today, Duncan also announced the revised release date for his sophomore album, Skyboy, which will be released via Universal Music on Friday, September 22nd. The album is currently available for pre-order and pre-save.

Laurence won the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 with Arcade, which has subsequently accumulated over 20 billion global streams. The song debuted at the top of Spotify's Global Viral chart and quickly became viral on TikTok, where it has over 80 billion views. "Arcade" has Gold/Platinum certifications in 37 countries, including Platinum in the United States.

Duncan recently worked with singer/songwriter/producer Rosa Linn on "WDIA (Would Do It Again)," which Billboard Magazine described as "an old-school post-breakup duet showcasing the singers' vocal skills," as well as Rest In Peace co-writer (Stephen) Wrabel on his tune "back to back."

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