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'DESI TRILL' by DJ LYAN Feat. CHIP & MALKIT SINGH is Available Now on DESI TRILL Music.

'DESI TRILL,' an electrifying fusion that skillfully combines Western and South Asian musical traditions, is DJ LYAN's entrance onto the scene. Prepare yourself for a musical revolution.

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It is a complete game-changer to bring together three legends who are revolutionizing their own scenes to release this stunning new music fusing Desi, Hip-Hop, and Dance genres. It resembles the pinnacle of all musical crossover events. DJ LYAN communiqué on Desi Trill, "Reviving a cherished childhood record with Malkit is an honor. Having Chip, one of my ‘all-timer’ UK rappers, on the record is the icing on the cake."

On his Apple Music 1 show, acclaimed radio DJ, producer, and presenter Zane Lowe gave the song its first global premiere.

This genre offers chances for intercultural cooperation, enabling musicians from all backgrounds to unite and produce music that transcends boundaries and tongues. By consistently pushing the limits of his creativity, DJ LYAN produces new, thrilling tunes that defy accepted musical conventions.

DJ LYAN has forged an impressive journey in the music business, earning praise that includes the 2021 release of his debut EP, "Jungle Fever." He made history by becoming the first UK Bangla project to land a desired slot on well-known UK Spotify playlists, such as "New Music Friday UK," "Who We Be," "This Is How We Do," and "New Pop Revolution"

He quotes; “I want people to consider me next to DJ Snake, Calvin Harris, DJ Khaled, Pharrell Williams… I hope that South Asian music can be on a level playing field and that I can be the one to do this”

In the modern era, DJ LYAN has advanced to work with top artists, such as renowned Bollywood singers Kanika Kapoor, Arjun, and Mumzy Stranger on a wide spectrum of tracks. These partnerships demonstrate DJ LYAN's commitment to pushing the limits of musical innovation and further establish his status as a trailblazer in the international music scene.

"DESI TRILL" is currently accessible on all significant music streaming services. The exciting blend of South Asian and Western music, which is anticipated to have a lasting impact on the music industry, will be available to audiences worldwide.

The first track, "DESI TRILL," sets the tone for a meteoric run of new songs, projects, and events.


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