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Chaar Diwaari & Gravity Unveil Explosive Debut Collaboration: "Violence"

August 22nd, 2023: Prepare to be enthralled by the exciting sounds of the next rap sensation, as Chaar Diwaari and Gravity team together to release their first joint tune, "Violence," with Def Jam India. While the artwork may lead one to believe that the story is about hopeless romanticism, this couldn't be further from the truth. "Violence" is a catchy rap masterpiece that displays both artists' powerful self-assurance and intense wordplay.


"Violence," produced by Chaar Diwaari, begins with Gravity's commanding 'choppa flow,' immediately grabbing listeners' attention and bringing them into a world of unrestrained expression. Gravity's prowess as an emcee who bravely ventures into the realms of harsh rap music is highlighted as the tune unfolds, revealing a narrative of raw emotion and uncompromising storytelling. The fast-paced music is accented by a brief interlude that effectively transitions the spotlight to Chaar Diwaari. Chaar Diwaari, who takes the reigns with an even more forceful tone, adds layers of intensity to Gravity's already infamous storytelling, intensifying the impact of "Violence." The song has the ability to strike a deep chord with listeners who have a clear conscience.

"Violence" is notable not only for its musical prowess but also for bringing together two of India's most famous rap scenes. The collaboration spans the vast rap scenes of Delhi and Mumbai, providing a dynamic connection that highlights the diversity and creativity inside the Indian hip-hop environment. Both artists have created music that is sure to captivate and, perhaps, even unsettle, stretching limits and sparking debate. The audacity of "Violence" transcends beyond its sound, encapsulating the spirit of collaboration and creative discovery.

Fans of hip-hop and rap music will enjoy immersing themselves in the world of "Violence," a track that portrays both Chaar Diwaari and Gravity's uncompromising attitude. With their first collaboration, these two artists are ready to leave an unforgettable impression on the music business.

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