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Calling UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, Akshay Kumar discusses the film city project.

Mumbai (India), January 4: On Wednesday, actor Akshay Kumar met with Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

Swati Bhat

During their meeting at the Taj Hotel with the CM, who is now spending two days in Mumbai, the actor and the CM talked about the much awaited Film City project in Uttar Pradesh.

He also talked about his most recent film, "Ramsetu," and urged the CM to see it. Kumar told the UP CM that there is a lot of excitement surrounding the Film City project in the Indian film business during the 35-minute conversation. The actor reportedly told CM Adityanath that several large production companies, producers, directors, and actors were eagerly awaiting the opening of the film city in Uttar Pradesh. He claimed that the creation of a premier film and entertainment city in Uttar Pradesh will give people working in the film industry a new planning alternative.

The UP CM and Akshay also spoke about the planning and study that went into deciding the storyline for "Ramsetu," and Akshay emphasised that Adityanath should only see his movie once. Filmmakers should prioritise social and national issues when choosing their subjects, according to CM Yogi, who claimed that cinema plays a significant role in increasing public consciousness.

A new film strategy is also being developed, he added, adding that the film city in Uttar Pradesh will meet international standards.

A visit to Uttar Pradesh was also extended by him to the actor.


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