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Blockchain Summit 2022 sponsored by GDCC Blockchain -History created in the field of the blockchain

London [UK], September 17 (PNN): A Blockchain Summit presented by GDCC Blockchain concluded on September 10, 2022, which was the biggest event ever. Over 43,000 people from all over the world attended Blockchain Summit 2022. Streaming of the summit was available on Facebook, Vimeo, Twitch, and the website.

Organizing the largest blockchain event of the year, Blockchain Summit 2022 brought together people from more than 80 countries. Investors participated in the blockchain event to invest in a place that can strengthen the blockchain industry for future reference and demand.

With this Blockchain Summit we got to see the next generation of startups and creative ideas in the Blockchain industry come forward and put their funds into the right place. We also got to see how all the companies, businesses, and creative ideas in the Blockchain industry got a new identity and were able to see how the blockchain industry really works. TelCrypto conducted this Blockchain summit 2022 over four hours to examine how we can further improve the understanding of the modern Blockchain industry.

In fact, this blockchain event was extremely valuable for those new to the blockchain industry who needed guidance, a better understanding of how the industry works, expert advice, and funding opportunities. This Blockchain Event features international speakers presenting on a variety of topics like Web2 vs Web3, The Blockchain Ecosystem, Cryptocurrency Liquidity, Crypto Passive Income, ICO Market and Process NFT, or Non-Fungible Token, Blockchain & Metaverse Future, Blockchain Risk Management, Inventing an Ecosystem using Blockchain,etc.

Detailed explanations of their significance in the Blockchain industry were provided.

This special event was organized by these special sponsors.

Title sponsor : GDCC Blockchain NFT Partner : Muzella Metaverse partner : Bliss Token Decentralized Partner : Hopium OFFICIAL PARTNER Rainbow Token Global Digital Technology Token - GDTT Virtual Digital Technology Token - VDTT KRS TOKEN Organizer: TelCrypto

Additionally, GDC World and Bliss Token announced that they will hold a contest that will run for three months and be announced on the December 15, 2022. A first contest has already begun, and it will conclude on October 15, 2022.

There will be a monthly contest, so you still have a chance to win if you don't win the first one. Through this contest, Bliss token and Global Digital City give you the chance to take part in a virtual land competition, as well as experiment with new technologies and adventures. Every month, 75 winners will have a chance to win free land on the Metaverse Global Digital City backed by Bliss tokens. A free 50 bliss tokens will be given every month to 1000 contestants.

To participate in the CONTEST visit website:

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