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AR collections and NFT runways: New York Fashion Week is being dominated by digital fashion

Digital Fashion Week NY expands the reach of metaverse fashion

Swati Bhat

Private Policy's digital coat made in collaboration with Zero10. Image: Zero10

This was not the only location where Zero10 could be found. In addition, the tech firm collaborated with Digital Fashion Week NY on a collaboration with five designers to bring five looks into AR. The event took place in conjunction with NYFW, but had no affiliation with the fashion week itself. Instead, it aimed to be an extension of the experience, providing those who were interested with a way to explore the worlds of fashion technology and the metaverse.

Design by Emily Switzer @hardgrindhard. Image: Digital Fashion Week NY

Among the events that could be attended was a networking and speaker summit, where visitors could hear talks on how to adapt to the future of fashion. An animation screening was also shown, showcasing a variety of phygital fashion, and participants could also participate in AR features, NFT drops, and Metaverse experiences. All of this contributed to a fully online experience in which attendees could explore an immersive space as well as participate in other panel discussions and presentations.


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