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Ajay Devgn congratulates Akshay Kumar on completing 30 years in cinema

Mumbai [India],May 5: Actor Ajay Devgn has showered best wishes to his friend and superstar Akshay Kumar as the Khiladi man completed three decades in the Indian film industry.

Swati Bhat

On Thursday, Akshay took to Twitter and wrote, "Congratulations Akki. 30 years in cinema and several more decades to come. Hope you set new records. Will always be there rooting and cheering for you."

He also shared a picture of them sitting together on a couch.

Ajay's gesture has touched Akshay.

Responding to Ajay's tweet, Akshay wrote,"Thank you brother, lucky to have

supportive peers like you. Much love."

Akshay and Ajay have co-starred in several films such as 'Khakee', 'Insan', and

'Suhaag' among others


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