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17th March 2023, Mumbai: Badshah, India's global hip-hop star and hit machine, is back on the charts with "Sanak" from his latest EP 3:00 AM Sessions (The self-care playlist). With this, Badshah has once again demonstrated his willingness to give a chance to a talented creator by gratifying them in a music video.

Swati Bhat

Sanak's hook-step that's been currently trending on short-video platforms was done by a dancer from Nepal named Paras, who has been recognised and applauded for his choreography on catchy dance steps that went viral over social media for songs like "Tum Tum" and "Naino Wale". His reel on Sanak went viral, catching Badshah's attention and earning him an invitation to appear in the music video. "I can't believe my hookstep got me this far. "Thank you, Badshah, for giving me this opportunity to appear in your video and for taking this step with me," Paras's communiqué.

Badshah has a history of promoting promising young talent. The rapper is addicted to Instagram and attributes his success to his ability to read vibes. He believes that every aspiring artist brings something unique to the table through their music and is happy to give them a space on his videos to make their own. Badshah gave the young boy from "Bachpan Ka Pyaar" a chance in 2021. The global artist gave the young man who drew Badshah's attention with his popular song the biggest stage possible to showcase his talent.

While Badshah's lyrics are deeply introspective, the song's funky hook-step is quickly becoming a craze. Among those who have joined the trend are choreographer Terence Lewis, actor Dino Morea, cricketer Shikhar Dhawan, and Sumbul Touqeer Khan, a former Big Brother contestant.

Since its release, the song has already become a masterpiece and has garnered millions of views.

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