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Tonight at the Cinéma de la Plage

Festival de Cannes, May 17: Every evening at 9.30, the cinema welcomes passers-by and festival-goers to the beach near the Grand Théâtre Lumière after dark. On the big open-air screen this year: anniversary celebrations of legendary films, tributes to landmark movies, action, humour, previews and fabulous entertainment, not to mention a giant karaoke!

Swati Bhat

Picture of the film THE TRUMAN SHOW by Peter WEIR © Paramount Pictures

Truman Burbank leads a quiet, happy life in his little bungalow in the seaside resort of Seahaven. He sets off every morning for his office at the insurance company and returns eight hours later to enjoy the comfort of his model home and the unfailing good humour and fixed smile of his wife, Meryl. But sometimes Truman feels he is suffocating under so much happiness; at night, anxiety overwhelms him. He feels increasingly alienated, as though the people around him were just playing roles. He has the feeling he is being watched.

It can't have escaped your notice that the official poster for the 75th Festival pays tribute to this still-current, cult science fiction film, staring the inimitable Jim Carrey. This is your chance to discover or revisit The Truman Show in a restored version.


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