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The Foodie Bae embarks on an epic culinary adventure to discover India's hidden gems.

Mumbai, July 3, 2023: Rishabh Gemini, also known as The Foodie Bae, has emerged as a notable name in the field of travel influencing and content creation. Rishabh's passion for travel and food catapulted him to great heights when he began his adventure as a blogger during the early days of social media after completing his 12th standard. We are thrilled to announce his future adventure, in which he will discover the rich culinary wonders of India's eastern region.

Pritish Bagdi

Rishabh Gemini Food Blogger

Initially focusing on providing reviews and recommendations for various locations, Rishabh swiftly achieved notoriety on YouTube with his vlogs, attracting the attention of a growing audience. Rishabh began including collaborations with businesses, hotels, and luxury villas in his material as his fan base grew, displaying his unique and original approach to storytelling.

Rishabh is well-known for his fascinating films, and his content, particularly his coverage of street cuisine, has a strong following. He discovered the power of Instagram to share his journeys and interact with his followers through his real-time experiences on the platform.

Rishabh started on a 70-day road journey outside of Delhi in 2021, exploring new foods and cultures in 10-12 locations. This trip not only fed his desire for culinary discovery, but it also widened and improved his awareness of many parts of India.

Rishabh is now planning an ambitious quest to explore the entire eastern area of India during his forthcoming trips in 2023, building on his prior triumphs. With the goal of providing a full gastronomic study of the country, he intends to highlight the distinct flavors and traditions that define the cuisine of the eastern region.

Millions have been intrigued by Rishabh's material, with two of his videos going viral. The first featured the fascinating process of manufacturing almond oil in Nashik, while the second featured a popular Pav Bhaji booth in Delhi, hitting a stunning milestone of 100 million views. Notably, Rishabh oversees all parts of his content creation as a one-man army, shooting, conceptualizing, and video editing himself.

Along with his accomplishments, Rishabh has obtained extensive knowledge of numerous cultures and cuisines. Drawing inspiration from renowned chef Ranveer Brar, he hopes to give an at-home experience for his audience through his material, sharing the thrill of culinary exploration with every viewer.

Rishabh Gemini, the Foodie Bae, continues to enthrall and inspire his audience with his incredible gastronomic escapades. Join him on his forthcoming adventure as he unearths the hidden treasures of India's eastern region and treats his audience to a tantalizing gastronomic experience.


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