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Exploring the Explosive Sound of DEFJAM India's 'Sambar' with Thirumali, Fiji, Dabzee, & Thudwiser.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, November 30, 2023: DefJam India is pleased to announce the release of "Sambar," a breakthrough trap song featuring ThirumaLi, Fiji, Dabzee, and producer Thudwiser. "Sambar" is destined to revolutionise the Indian Hip-Hop landscape with its unique blend of Hip Hop, traditional Kerala folk instruments, and the unabashed verses of three trailblazing artists. It was recorded in the center of Southern India's bustling rap scene, Ernakulam, Kerala.

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"Sambar" highlights the collaboration of Malayali emcees ThirumaLi, Fejo, and Dabzee as they go back and forth, giving their most blatant lines ever. The music is a vivid illustration of Kerala's dynamic new style, pioneered by the artists themselves, and was produced by the legendary Malayali Hip-Hop producer Thudwiser.

Thudwiser's production in "Sambar" deftly mixes intriguing traces of Hip-Hop with the rich tapestry of Kerala's folk instruments, creating a sound experience that is both creative and profoundly anchored in the region's cultural past. "Sambar" emerges as a genre-defying trap banger that stretches the boundaries of Indian Hip-Hop as the musicians negotiate the sounds.

Stating his excitement for the song, ThirumaLi (Vishnu MS) communiquéd, " 'Sambar' is not just a song; it's a joint creation of all these talented artists who have put their hearts into it. The moment you will listen to the song, you will experience how each artist has put forth his expertise.”

“We’ve stirred together the flavors of Malayali rap and the rich traditions of Kerala. It gives me immense pride to bring forth such a dynamic collaboration with my rap brothers and I am extremely excited for our listeners to hear it.”, said Dabzee (Fazil).

"A decade in the game, and 'Sambar' feels like a milestone. Collaborating with ThirumaLi, Dabzee, and Thudwiser on this track allowed us to showcase the evolution of Southern Indian Hip-Hop. This is surely going to be a hit. Fingers crossed!", stated Fejo (Febin Joseph).

"Producing 'Sambar' was about marrying the old and the new. Hip-Hop meets Kerala's folk instruments, creating a sonic landscape that reflects the diversity of our musical heritage. It was indeed challenging for us but we did our best to bring out the best flavour of both the styles." Added Thudwiser (Producer).


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