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  • Dr. Jassim Haji, Bahrain

Dr. Jassim Haji, communiqués the advantage of maximising work efficiency by computing infrastructure

Dr. Haji, President of the Artificial Intelligence Society / President International Group of Artificial Intelligence, considers that optimising your computing infrastructure is the initial step in improving the overall efficiency of your firm. Without optimised technology, you will be unable to achieve your company's full potential.

Guest Author

Dr. Jassim Haji, Bahrain

Dr. Jassim Haji, communiqué the advantages of maximising work efficiency by computing infrastructure

Further, it is unlikely to be able to compete with its competitors. Optimizing your computing infrastructure will allow you to make the best use of it. In the past, the application of computers was not essential. Nevertheless, companies engaging with tech used them to their complete ability. The many benefits of technology involve enhanced production, developed customer service, and advancement in competition. The present day’s tech environment offers a wider range of tools to expand the productivity of an enterprise.

  • CUSTOMER SERVICE The use of tech decreases the cost of delivering efficient service to consumers. With the use of a contact center, you have access to a wide range of communication with customers using a variety of techniques. This system can operate with independence or as a cohesive structure. Employees can easily view up-to-date consumer data when incorporating a records management system and telecommunication into their CRM.

  • OPERATION COSTS- Capitalizing on service-based tech and software can heavily decrease excess costs. Software involving print management is an example of lowering expenditures through control. In addition to this, the use of cloud computing tech is an advantage for easily accessing stored apps and data both off-site and virtual. This can be beneficial when managing the costs of maintaining hardware and developing system security.

  • EMPLOYEE EFFICIENCY- Reliable execution is provided with the use of technology within a company, even throughout financial difficulty. Data retrieval and duplication facilities can greatly benefit a company following a service failure. This promotes maximum output from employees and reduces interruption of production. The simplification of prolonged duties can benefit production within the company by using technology. A document management program is one example of substituting manual assignments within the filing. As well as this, the optimization of internal IT supplies and declined routine system maintenance can be achieved with controlled IT services.

  • PRODUCTIVITY IN OPERATIONS- For a business to develop, it is essential to streamline procedures. Tech services we have today include content management solutions and BPM software that allow the enhancement of a business’ practices. This lessens the hardship of repeated paper-based methods, for example when processing work orders and outstanding account processes. In addition, important data can be transmitted quickly through modern communication techniques such as email, video conferences, and instant messaging.

  • REINFORCING NETWORKS- The performance of your server and the power of computing can be developed through network solutions. This is a vital action to keep workloads steady and to carry out tasks efficiently. Decreasing the density of your system and removing the requirement for network hardware can be done with the use of network virtualization. This supports the enhancement of efficiency within a business.

  • ENHANCED EMPLOYEE RETENTION- The investment in technology results in a higher success rate from employees which is crucial when retaining exceptional staff. This also supports the enhancement of employee morale during challenging times. Technology helps to meet the demand of the present digital generation. An example of this is a reliable virtual network and the installation of a hosted telephone system to deliver flexibility to employees within telework. The proficiency of a business can be enhanced through a wide variety of methods with the use of technology. Your business can be developed across various performance indicators with the use of even a singular business application. You are able to establish the goals and KPIs best suited to your company when applying technology. The technology of today assists in the improvement of your company’s efficacy with the advancement of reporting capabilities. It allows you to achieve an awareness of consumer preferences, business performance, and market trends. Technology gives you the opportunity to remodel your strategies easily when utilizing analytical reports and performance metrics.

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