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Common mistakes to avoid on first dates

New Delhi [India], April 30 (ANI): First dates can be a tricky game as ultimately it always boils down to what impression one leaves during that initial interaction. While some first dates are doomed from the beginning others stumble at hurdles due to some common mistakes.

Swati Bhat

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The rules for dating have evolved in the digital age; however, most of the traditional dating dos and don'ts still apply. Hence, avoiding these common mistakes will help you have a successful first meeting and might even score you a second date.

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Arriving late

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This can actually be something that can make or break a date. Not arriving on time sends the message you don't value their time and starts things off on a bad note. Just give your date a heads up even if you're running late.

Using your phone regularly

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A common mistake that people make on a date is checking their phones too much. This sends the signal that you don't respect the other person's time. If you are waiting on an important call or e-mail, be sure to give your date a heads up.

Drinking heavily

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Having a few drinks on your date is absolutely fine but make sure to put a limit on it. Making a good impression means staying present and not becoming too sloppy during the date.

Keep the conversation light

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It's very important to make your first date light and fun. Don't indulge in intense and deep conversations, making your first date boring. If you want to impress your partner, then turn on your humorous side.

Don't try to force humour

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Some people are innately funny but if you are one of those who think humour is important even if it's forced then it's a cardinal first date mistake that you are making. Hence, if you don't have a natural sense of humour then please let it be.

Not asking questions

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Asking your date questions is a good opportunity to see if there's chemistry. You owe them the respect of showing interest because they took the time out of their day to meet with you just as you did for them.

Not respecting personal space

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Some people are huggers; some prefer pecks on the cheek, while others prefer to say hello and goodbye with a handshake. But no matter what you prefer, you need to take into consideration what your date prefers.


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